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That is my main guitar, an Epiphone SG-310, looking much more pristene than it does now. lol My names Brandon, I've been playing for about 7 going to be 8 years in october, I've come a long way & still have a long way to go as far as my playing. I've had so many diffrent guitars that its actually alittle insane. But I'm done with new ones for right now, I want to mod some of the ones I already have. I have a ton of influences and insprations from a few diffrent genres & more than a few players. As far as players I like giving credit where credit is due, So, in order of biggest to smallest influences I'll put them all on here & then end the about me. So #1 for me in many ways in JM (John Mayer) I know everybody loves to hate him, I don't. You don't have to agree with me, thats why it's an opinion not a fact. #2 Steve Vai, #3 Joe Bonamassa, #4 Gary Moore #5,Robert Cray, #6, Keith Urban #7, Brad Paisley, #8 Gary Clark Jr, #9 SRV, #10, Jimmy Paige, #11 Eric Clapton #12, Dan Auerbach #13, Phil X (If you dont know who he is check out Fretted Americana on youtube & check out his band The Drills, they rock!! Hard) #14, Kenny Wayne Shepherd #15, Jack White, #16, Chet Atkins, #17, Slash, #18, Paul Gilbert, #19, Les Paul. I'm Sure im forgetting at least one person so I'll end up remembering & revising it later, but those are my influences in order. You'll notice that EVH isn't there, nor is Jimi. They are an insperation to millions im sure, but not me, I agree they are both good, but IMO my list is better. & Its MY influences lol. so nobody but me would know who influenced ME to start playing. :) So I guess thats about it for now. Oh & i'll post my gear spec's so that when I ask the questions I know i'm going to ask everyone knows what im working with. So as far as guitars I have a Yamaha F-400 Acoustic, with vintage tuners (tho I want to get back a guitar a had awhile ago which was the Washburn db10-sb, so the acoustic might change in the not to distant future) Electric Guitars are my main one, an Epiphone SG-310 (named Black Betty) (which will be getting new Grovers soon, otherwise totally stock & will reamin so) an Epiphone SoBe SG, Limited Run 1 out of 500. Totally Stock (not named) (Investment guitar, but I do play it as well, sounds like a tele, idk why) an Ibanez FrankenRG (the red dragon) (has diffrent neck and all that jazz, not working because of an issue with the tremelo, I will be hardtailing it & turning it into a blues Ibanez, you'll know when that happens because you'll feel hell freezing over) & last but not least my newest guitar, bought on a trip to NJ, walked into a vintage guitar store & it just felt right, a MIM Fender Road Worn 50's strat with a soft V neck, relic'd parts and sanded down neck. (named Noel after my father who passed away in April) Totally stock now, but I do plan on putting in a TBX tone control along with 3 Gold Lace Sensors. I have 2 amps. an Orange LDX20 watt, which I use as a huge speaker for my laptop more than anything else. & my main amp, & problyy going to stay my only amp, a Vox AD15 watt. very versatile. no pedals yet, tho I plan on getting 4 eventually. 1st a Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive (phil X!!! ) 2nd, a Strymon Reverb, 3rd, a Boss MD-10 multi effects unit & 4th, some sort of EQ pedal. Ok, so now im done with the about me. Final p.s. I'm terrible at spelling so please ignore any & all spelling errors. :) Thanks!!      

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